Top 10 home buying tips

Many have the vision of buying their dream home. Investing money in a home is a big financial decision. It could be both exciting as well as stressful at the same time.  

Howbeit, good research, and guidance from a realtor can make your home buying process less overwhelming.  

If you are someone looking for a real estate professional with the utmost professionalism, you could search on the LinkedIn platform.  

As you might know, LinkedIn is a social media platform that helps you network with professionals. So, you can search for the agents in your location and check their profile, this will give you an idea about them.  

Once you identify such professionals, you could send them a direct message or email. Some users keep their accounts secured in a way that only their connection can send messages to them.  

You can go with the emailing option, in such cases, and even if you are able to send them a message on LinkedIn. You may wonder how to get their email addresses, here is a pro tip for you.    

Sending emails to realtors – How to get an email address?  

You could use the chrome extension of (an email lookup tool) for LinkedIn to scrape email addresses from LinkedIn.  

Besides this, you can simply signup, and mention the first name, last name, and company domain name, the tool will get you the correct email format.  

This tool uses big data and machine learning algorithms to locate the correct email format. Therefore, with such email lookup tools, you can get an email address quickly.  

Now, let us discuss some home buying tips and guidelines. This may help you make the right decision.   

Set a clear budget  

It is crucial to define your budget. Look at all your present expenses and the probable financial commitments in the future, say for the next four to five years.  

When you understand your and your family’s major needs, you will understand how much you will be able to afford to buy a home.  

You can put everything you have in hand to buy a home, that would be the dumbest thing to do.  

Therefore, set a budget that is realistic to your life.    


If you do not have a big budget, then it is good to go with properties near the prime location. As years pass by, there is a high chance that your location will be one of the prime locations.  

Just make sure that the location has a scope of good development within a decade.    

Take into account the resale value  

Before you pick up a property, you must check the resale value of the property over the course of time. Many home buyers commit the mistake of neglecting the resale value.    

Be prepared for the additional costs  

You may need the assistance of real estate agents to close the deal. For this, you will need to pay for them. Besides this, some money will go as service charges to a land surveyor, notary, etc. And if the property you are buying lacks certain amenities that you need, then you will have to spend money to set it up.    

Loan eligibility  

In most cases you may not be able to pay the full amount all by yourself, hence you will be going for a housing loan.  

Remember, banks will not lend you the money you ask for just like that.  

It depends on your income, repaying capacity, your track record with banks, etc.    

Final thoughts  

I hope this article gave you some insights into the home buying process.