Weeds include types of weeds, weeds can interfere with the quality of plants and make the yard look less beautiful. Generally, a lawn that is not often maintained will develop a lot of weeds and irregular. With the presence of weeds, it makes the yard not beautiful and can make it a nest of pests.

But not only the bad, there are several types of weeds that have other properties such as being used as alternative medicines. Therefore, we must be able to pay close attention to the weeds that are in our yard. So here we will describe 5 ways to get rid of weeds that can interfere with the aesthetics of your home page. Let’s follow the following.

Sprinkle salt on the zone where there are weeds

Salt is a very effective herbicide for killing weeds and is non-toxic. However, not all types of salt have benefits that … Read More

Do you want to enjoy a beautiful garden all year round? Then of course you should take good care of your lawn, which is probably the most important part of your garden. A lawn should always look beautifully green, but this is not always the case. An improperly maintained garden can make the lawn look unsightly. Maintaining a lawn often requires knowledge and if you have never done this before, it can be very difficult. Grass is a sensitive natural product and especially in the winter months it is very susceptible to damage. Burns can occur and as a lawn owner, you want to avoid these. Most maintenance is done in the spring and can be done from a temperature above 0 degrees. Do you want to know how to maintain your lawn? In this article, we discuss this in detail so that you know everything there is to know … Read More

Choosing the plants to place in your pond can be an exciting task, but it can also be overwhelming. Plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes and with various benefits. There are floating plants, bog plants, emergent plants and submerged plants that can all contribute to the health of your pond ecosystem. Here are some of the most popular plants you can add for beauty and diversity in your pond environment.

Water Hyacinth

The water hyacinth is a floating pond plant known for its beautiful purple flowers. They bloom throughout the summer and are easy to grow. It is sometimes considered invasive because of the fast growth, but you can handle this problem by thinning out the plants regularly. Thorough aeration with a lake fountain pump is essential to maintain healthy levels of oxygen for the plants and animals in your pond.

Water Lettuce

Another floating plant, water … Read More