The Right Methods to Eliminate Weeds in the Garden

Weeds include types of weeds, weeds can interfere with the quality of plants and make the yard look less beautiful. Generally, a lawn that is not often maintained will develop a lot of weeds and irregular. With the presence of weeds, it makes the yard not beautiful and can make it a nest of pests.

But not only the bad, there are several types of weeds that have other properties such as being used as alternative medicines. Therefore, we must be able to pay close attention to the weeds that are in our yard. So here we will describe 5 ways to get rid of weeds that can interfere with the aesthetics of your home page. Let’s follow the following.

Sprinkle salt on the zone where there are weeds

Salt is a very effective herbicide for killing weeds and is non-toxic. However, not all types of salt have benefits that can eradicate weeds.

One type of salt that can eradicate weeds is table salt. But we must look at the data on the salt packaging, make sure the salt used is table salt or sodium chloride. Do not use sulfate salt, sea salt, or brick salt. Because the three salts do not have enough power to eradicate weeds.


Borax is one of the most effective ingredients for eradicating weeds to their roots. Borax itself is a combination of mineral salts whose concentration is very large. Therefore, borax is very effective for being used as a weed killer.

Using borax on weeds is also very easy. It is made into a paste, the trick is to mix the borax with a little water and stir it until it looks like a paste. Well, the application itself is by watering it on the weeds in the yard or in some places where there are weeds. That way we can eradicate and prevent the development of our own weeds.

Baking soda (baking soda)

In addition to using borax, we can use baking soda to eradicate weeds. There are also 2 ways to use it, the first one is made into a paste like the borax material above and then sprinkled on the weeds that are around us. the second is directly sprinkled on the weeds that are there, take a handful of baking soda and sprinkle it directly on the weeds. And wait the next day, it is determined that the existing weeds have withered or died.


Vinegar is something that is very easy to find at home. Because almost every home has vinegar in the kitchen. Vinegar itself has acetic acid, which has a large degree of acidity. Acetic acid comes from ethanol fermentation and acetic acid bacteria.

The method of use is also very easy, namely, put vinegar in a spray bottle and mix it with soapy water. After mixing, we can directly spray the vinegar mixture onto the weeds directly.

Herbicide liquid

Herbicide is a weed killer product that is generally used by farmers to protect their crops. We can make herbicides easily, because they will be available in plant and agricultural stores. The working method of herbicides is to poison weeds directly, herbicides will poison weeds from their leaves to the base of the grass. By using herbicides, the growth of weeds takes a very long time and you can say they don’t grow anymore.

Those are 5 ways you can do to kill weeds in your yard or garden. With no weeds on the lawn, it will make the yard more beautiful and free from pests that can disturb our favorite plants.