Nevada Real Estate License Requirements

Venturing into the real estate industry is one of the leading and most profitable businesses in Nevada. There are new agencies that are coming up every day and taking the market to different heights. If you are thinking of starting your real estate agency and attain an operations license, there are a couple of requirements you must have. Here is an overview of what is required and how to apply.

Real Estate License Requirements

These are the main Nevada Real Estate License Requirements:

  • Be 18 years and above
  • GED or high school graduate
  • Proof of pre-license education completion
  • 45 hours or three college credits licensed experience or real estate law ( includes 18 hours of Nevada law from a state school
  • 15 college credits in business, management, economic, and other real estate related courses

You also need to provide your financial statements for at least two years. Additionally, while in the process of applying for a license, you will be required to pass the background check by providing two fingerprint cards that have been processed through a registered government agency. The fingerprints should be at least one year prior to your real estate license application.

Take and Pass the Nevada Real Estate Exam

Another requirement for license application is that you must take the Nevada real estate exam at least one year prior to application. However, if you are an applicant from the out-state, the national exam results will still be helpful when applying for the same. You must, therefore, show proof of passing the exam at least a year before the application date.

States with Similar License Requirements as Nevada

If you have been through other states and you have all the requirements for licensing, when you consider stating up in Nevada, you might not have to go through the entire process over again. However, not all states have the same real estate regulations as Nevada; therefore, it is essential to know which one is similar. These states include:

  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Arizona
  • West Virginia
  • Illinois
  • South Carolina
  • Delaware
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Iowa
  • Colorado
  • Utah
  • Oklahoma
  • Louisiana
  • Utah
  • Minnesota, and
  • Kentucky


The process of applying for a license in Nevada can either be done manually through the state offices or sent online. Provided you have all the required documents and are willing to venture into real estate in Nevada; there are no farther restrictions. These tips will help you navigate the Nevada license requirements.