How to Know You Have a Reliable HOA Manager

A lot of HOAs depend on HOA management services to function smoothly. But some communities deal with bad management.

Running a homeowners’ association can be challenging. The HOA board is often composed of volunteer residents. Thus, they have other priorities. To ensure the HOA is run effectively, the board should turn to a management company. This company represents the board and does most of the tough tasks. They constantly get in touch with the board to ensure seamless association operation. Here’s how to know that your HOA manager is doing their job right:

They Deliver the Services They Promised

To know if your manager is delivering on their promises, examine the management contract. The services section should show you the services expected from the manager. You should assess the actual services. For instance, determine if the manager is delivering such services on time. Are they delivering top-quality services?

They Stay Current with Laws

Your HOA board can rely on your association manager to handle different compliant concerns. Your HOA should keep up with different laws, from taxes to legal requirements. A good manager stays abreast of these laws to ensure compliance.

They Help the Association Avoid Liability

When you assess the reliability of your HOA manager, consider the way they manage liability. Choose a manager who won’t expose your association to liability. An HOA can face different threats such as expired or inadequate insurance coverage, fraud, and unlicensed or uninsured contractors. Your manager must be aware of such threats and work to protect your HOA from them. 

Work in the Best Interest of Your HOA

The best association manager prioritizes and protects the best interests of your community. They offer the board support when making decisions. They weigh in HOA matters such as vendor bids and contracts. They do not engage in unethical activities and governance. 

They Maintain Professionalism

Your HOA manager should offer the community help without disrespecting residents. If your current manager is becoming unprofessional when handling requests or complaints from homeowners, reconsider renewing their contracts. HOA management will never be successful with a manager who does not care about the people they serve. 

Keep in mind that your company is just as good as the person who runs it. A reliable HOA manager will deliver on what they promised from the get-go. They work on what’s best for the community and the association. Also, they recognize that they are not decision-makers. Rather, they only support the board with decision-making.