Top 5 Ideas to Decorate Your Home Library for the Perfect Quiet Reading Time.


There is no friend as loyal as a book. Books assume a vital part in our life. It is said that books are our best allies. They don’t request anything from us. They give us a lot of happiness. They take us into an alternate universe of imagination. A home library is a paradise for book lovers.

Horace Mann says, “A home without books is like a room without window”. If you have a home library invokes sentiments of energy and in addition guarantees of solace, security, and development. Envision strolling into discovering a practically overlooked world, where light, decorations, and scented books hold the aggregate key to jumping into interesting encounters of the brain.

  1. Best Spot In The House:


A home library is a get away from reality. It should be located in an isolated area of the house. It should not be a place where lots of people visit so it remains quiet.


You can decide the size of library according to the layout of your house. It does not matter if the room is small or big. It should be quiet and classy.

  1. Theme of Library:


There are many ways in which we can design a home library. Some people like open space or modern office libraries while others prefer purely traditional. A custom round library configuration talks about space potential outcomes entrapped with a bold plan.

You can’t discuss exemplary library outline thoughts without specifying an adjusted staircase. A two story library and a den in strip mahogany is a conventional style. We can’t resist the urge to admire it.

  1. Serenity:


You can choose any color of your liking to adore library. However, library is a place to provide peace and relaxation and choosing bold colors with dark wood won’t do that.

The light grey, cream, powder blue, white, gold and many neutral tones arrange to convey a rich vibe to the reading space. Glass, metal, stone and Venetian cement enforces diverse textures for a spatial look.

  1. Comfortable Furniture:

All libraries require an extraordinary place to sit. In view of your space, decide what number of seats, couch, table and lights can fit easily. A comfortable sitting arrangement is very important for a reader.

There are special reading couches which are very stylish and comfy.  A plush love seat or ottoman provides softness to the space. You can also add a fireplace in you library which can be handy in winters. Large throw pillows, Vintage tables and antique lamps also add decorum in the room. A cheetah print rug or cheetah print comforter can additionally be added in winter as nothing is cozier than a comfortable sitting for reading classic novels with a cup of coffee.

  1. Shelving:


Shelves are the most important component of a library because they hold the reader most prized possession“Books”. You can have shelves in library according to the size of room.

There are different types of shelves. You can have shelves from modern to traditional, vintage to contemporary. If you have floor to ceiling shelves you can use a ladder so you can reach every part of library.

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