Any advice or assets for figuring out if a selected property is a good punt? To be clear that is for a house, not an investment but I need to avoid negative equity. I’m in Northern Ireland where the information out there appears garbage. I’m additionally quite stunned I haven’t discovered any respectable sources by way of logically selecting out the place you must think about buying. It’s like all these extremely clever and logical people just determine for this subject, they’ll throw within the towel and observe their emotions. I just lately puzzled about the actual lifetime cost of UK property buy – in relation to lifetime internet earnings. This is necessary as annual wage wage progress has halved in every of past three decades – from the high of 17{9cee231af4442b6aea73d6ab676325b3161b84c5f43230a6f869604305edf9eb} pa in 70s, 9{9cee231af4442b6aea73d6ab676325b3161b84c5f43230a6f869604305edf9eb} pa in 80s, 5{9cee231af4442b6aea73d6ab676325b3161b84c5f43230a6f869604305edf9eb} pa in 90s and now 2.5{9cee231af4442b6aea73d6ab676325b3161b84c5f43230a6f869604305edf9eb} pa.

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