Steps to Make a Safe Home from Thieves Through Your House Key

 Choose the Anti-Duplicate, Here’s How to Create a Safe House from Thieves Through Your House Lock, The key is indeed the most common home security device. For people not to enter, the door is locked. locksmith Folsom

 However, not all keys can secure a house. So, what is the key that must be chosen?

 One part of the house that is often the entrance to the thief is the door.

 Usually, thieves break down doors after breaking a lock.

 The so-called key cylinder is part of the key in which the key enters.

 The inside of this cylinder consists of several pins (in the form of a long cylinder).

 The pins are arranged in such a way with different heights.

 When the right key comes in, all pins will be at the same height level so the door can be opened or locked.

 Choose the Anti-Duplicate

The method commonly used by thieves to damage this cylinder is to drill a cylinder hole until the pin is broken or broken.

 choose cylinders with pins made of strong materials such as brass.

Choose the Anti-Duplicate, Here’s How to Create a Safe House from Thieves Through Your House Key choose a key that is difficult to duplicate. Keys that are easily duplicated can be seen from the key. locksmith Denver

Generally, keys that are easily duplicated are those in the form of cutting (only cut at the edges), while keys with holes in the shape are usually more difficult to duplicate.

The key reflects the combination of pins that are inside the cylinder body. The more pins, and the more complicated the variations, the harder it is to penetrate

It is also recommended to use a brass key so that it is not easily broken.

To distinguish brass or not, we can see from the side of the key.

Although coated with chrome or stainless, keys made of brass generally still have yellow color on the side, in the former piece of machine.

 Another way is to use magnets. If it is made of brass, the magnet will not stick. Meanwhile, if made of iron, the magnet will stick easily.

The lock case is the key body where the slider and door handle are placed.

In this key body, there is an important element to maintain security, namely deadbolt or also known as the tongue of the night.

The tongue of the night is what holds the door open when it is locked.

Usually, if you don’t manage to pry or damage the cylinder, the thief will aim for the tongue tonight. This thick slab will be sawed off and the door can open.

 Buy a lock case that has a good quality night tongue. The best is steel, but expensive.

Additional Key

 If you still feel uneasy with the existing key, an additional key can also be used.

 In the Walnuts Market, many additional keys can be locked.

 But the shape is less artistic so it is more suitable if used at the service area door.

 There are also additional keys that are implanted into the door as well as ordinary keys but it does not have a hole for the handle.

 This thing is called a deadlock.

 This deadlock can be installed at the bottom of the top of the door.

Home safety issues are always a major concern when we will be away for a while with family. The risk of theft in the house when we leave can occur at any time. How to avoid the risk of a house being visited by a burglar? locksmith Boston

 1. Striking House

 Houses that look luxurious and show the impression that there are valuables are always the target of thieves. Store valuables such as jewelry and documents in a hidden place, safe or safe deposit box. When traveling, carefully store electronic equipment that is valuable and easy to hand.

 2. Check the Doors and Windows

 When going to make sure the doors and windows are locked properly. Check the cellar door, kitchen, and entry access from other areas that are often used. It’s a good idea to choose a hook or window lock with good quality. This is important if there are people who intend evil takes a long time to ruin it.

 3. CCTV Camera Investment

 At present, the detector system in the form of a CCTV camera is quite a powerful tool to monitor the condition of the house when left. With a WiFi connection at any time, you can see the results of this camera recording as long as there is an internet network. Install CCTV cameras in strategic places such as gates with wide-reaching angles.

 4. Respectful Houses

 When going to give the impression that the house looks inhabited as usual. The position of the curtains and patio lights that are always on during the day can be a sign of the presence of people at home. Lights with light sensors are also quite interesting to consider as patio lights and front garden lighting. Lights with this sensor will turn off if the sun starts coming out.

 5. Communication with Neighbors

 Good relations with neighbors are very beneficial in many ways. Before leaving, let him know that you will be away for a while so that if you encounter anything suspicious with the house can contact you. You can also ask them to receive letters or leaflets.

 The theft rate of empty houses, especially during long holidays will always increase. You must always be vigilant and prepare security measures so that your home is safe from intruders.

 • Automatic light

 Thieves will lurk more and more of housing that they are most likely uninhabited. The characteristic that they can correct from afar as the house lights that light up day and night without stopping.

 For burglars, lights turn on during the day meaning the house has been abandoned by the owner so it is safe to enter.

 For that, you should use automatic lights that turn on at night and will turn off during the day.

 However, not only that, thieves are certainly smarter than that. Various ways they can do.

 • Pet Dogs

 Certain types of dogs may be able to conquer with food to get into your house, but the sound of barking when approaching them will make them panic and think over, whether to come in and break into.

 • Social media

 Furthermore, for those of you who frequently post your various activities on social media, you should not submit your vacation or travel plans. Thieves will be pleased with this information.

 • Equipment and Tools

 Don’t leave any stairs or tools lying outside your home. Make sure it is safe and out of the reach of the burglars. Stairs or other tools that are close to your house or fence will be happy for them to be used to enter your home.