Simple but Luxury Home Decor Key

Luxury homes can not only be obtained with excessive decoration. But, a simple house can also be luxurious with some of the following home decorating tips. Follow the following simple but luxurious home decor keys

One of the main keys in a simple but luxurious home decor is a choice of wall designs. Either you choose a plain wall color with warm colors like white, gray or cream or decorate it with a minimalist wallpaper. You can choose wallpapers with lace motifs or abstracts with warm colors. Most importantly, make sure every aspect of the room is balanced and also united.
Pay attention to the messy cables

One of the things that can ruin a simple but luxurious home decor is the disruption of the cables lying carelessly. Starting from cable TV, fans, chargers and various other cables. To realize the perfect home decor, make sure you have hidden the cable so that it doesn’t damage the decoration.
Decorate the wall with photos of family moments

Showing the warmth of the family can also be a trick to change simple home decorations into your luxury. Not only a minimalist decoration, but the warmth of the family can also add to the luxury of your home. So, don’t hesitate to decorate the room at home with various family photos.

Keep it simple

Simple home decor but luxury will be more perfect if you carry a minimalist theme. With minimalism, it is not only seen from wall decorations and motif choices, but also with visible equipment. No need to choose too many decorations and also wall displays. Choose a few that can be item statements rather than displaying too many decorations but making the room look full.

Use matching decoration colors

In addition to minimalist colors and wall decorations, you also have to harmonize various home decorations. Try not to use too many colors for decorating your home. For example, only use 3 color domination, namely white, gray and cream. That way, home decor is simple but your luxury will be more visible.

Use the bar for the kitchen

Instead you have to buy a kitchen counter again and also provide space for a clean kitchen for cooking, it’s better you provide a bar table that you can use for cooking and also for the dining table. So, besides saving space, it’s minimalist and more luxurious too, right?

Luxury is not only about chandeliers

Chandeliers can indeed make the room more luxurious, but make the atmosphere of simplicity disappear. For a simple but minimalist home decoration, rather than pairing a chandelier which is actually more expensive, you better choose a modern minimalist chandelier, such as a ball, abstract ornaments and also a pyramid shape. Guaranteed, your minimalist home decor is also luxurious and classy!
Place items in one display cabinet
If you have a lot of displays, try not to spread the display in various corners of the room but combine the display in a display cabinet. For example, starting from your favorite books to various important memories in life, you can put them in a closet on one wall, parallel to placing the TV so you don’t eat too many spots at home.

Place all useless items in one cupboard

If you belong to someone who has a lot of goods and is hesitant or reluctant to throw it away, try to put the items in one place. Ranging from various items of your memories from small, very historic to small items that make your life memorable try to put it in one cupboard that you hide. Still stored neatly but also does not interfere with home decor.

Display more souvenir traveling

For those of you who like traveling, displaying various souvenirs that you have collected from the results of traveling can make your home decor more luxurious. Try to collect displays with one theme, such as plates, cutting boards or even water displays.

Choose stairs without objection

Choosing stairs without objection can also help you to create simple but luxurious home decor. Choose a minimalist staircase decoration, for example only with the arrangement of the boards.
So, are you ready to realize your own simple but luxurious home decor?