Outdoor Redecorating Ideas

Are your home’s outside spaces boring and in need of a make-over? If you instantly thought Yes! then you might be needing some ideas. Here is a brief list of categories you can use to start this project off on the right foot.


Changing the lighting of your house’s outdoor areas is one way to give them an instant and relatively cheap face-lift. Poor lighting can make a space seem gloomy and depressing, and the wrong spectrum of light from the bulb itself can change the whole ambiance of your porch or patio, making in uninviting. Consider installing some wall sconces or perhaps a pilaster light in strategic areas, coupled with a warm-spectrum lighting source. This will transform a formerly dark or unlovely space into a retreat where your family will want to spend more time. If you can add a chain of pretty string lights, all the better!


Redecorating with plants is a great way to add value and interest to your yard, both front and back. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, either. If you have a green thumb, take advantage of it and buy some lovely flowering shrubs such as azaleas to plant around your entryways. If you want a perennial solution, how about some blue star juniper? It is low-maintenance, with attractive bluish foliage. You can also plant small bushes and dwarf conifers in patio containers for a truly coordinated look.


A great set of patio furniture can go a long way to revamping your deck or porch. If your old stuff is worn-looking or splintery, it doesn’t take much effort to sand, repaint and add new cushions. Tired of it anyway? Give the set away and splurge on a new one made from recycled materials – you’ll be stylish and kind to the environment in one fell swoop.


The most fun part of redecorating just might be choosing accessories. After all, now you have an excuse to stroll through garden stores for hours, either online or in person. You could choose a theme like sailing or tropical fruits, or add some cute stone coasters and little succulent pots in bright colors. Mexican ceramic wall plaques also make a great choice, as well as found objects like large shells and driftwood.

As you can see, redecorating your the outdoor spaces of your home can be easy and fun. The options are limited only to your imagination and budget. Get busy and let your creativity go wild!