On Holidays, Good Rest, and Furnishing Vacation Homes

You can be a great fan of skiing or snowboarding and enjoy going on vacation in winter, but all the same – for the majority of people, the season traditionally associated with holidays is summer.

Summer is a season when people prefer T-shirts, beach sandals, and sunglasses to business suits, and outdoor activities – to staring at the monitor in the office. And that’s understandable.

However much you like your job, every year you look forward to your vacation. It’s quite natural, because daily routine and tensions of urban life are extremely exhausting. Stresses may even lead to unpleasant health conditions, such as mental fatigue and burnout.

Many people work a lot these days, and brainwork often is no less tiring than physical labor. Such signs as feeling tired and weak even in the morning, failing to concentrate, with irritability and insomnia on top of this definitely suggest that this person should have a good rest.

Anybody will agree that going on vacation, especially in summer, is an effective remedy for tiredness and stresses. Summer vacations usually consist of travelling, outdoor activities like riding a bike or beach volleyball, and relaxing – in any proportion to your taste. Mix well, serve yearly.

Alas, in lots of enterprises there are much more people who want to take a holiday in summer than can be put on the leave simultaneously – to many employees’ deep regret.

Luckily, there are companies that have managed to solve this problem. For example, in Bellavista Collection – a renowned manufacturer of Italian luxury furniture – all employees take their vacation at the same time, usually in August. This year such a collective leave will last from August 10 till 25. For more than two weeks they will be relaxing and having fun and return to that job refreshed and vigorous.

Most likely, many of them are planning to travel somewhere. Changing the scenery is a great way if you want to put yourself in good spirits. If you feel bored, there is nothing like going to a place you haven’t been before – or somewhere you have already been and enjoyed it.

Seashore and mountains, historical places and national parks – all these places attract vacationers like magnets. Accommodation sector of the tourism industry has plenty to offer them, from modest hostels to luxurious apartments and vacation homes.

Providing accommodation for tourists is a big business, with lots of players and fierce competition. Making vacationers happy with their transient homes is a hard work, where there are no trifles. Everything matters – location, type of accommodation, presence of all necessary facilities, and, of course, the interior design and furnishings of an apartment or a vacation home.

By the way, Attilio Zanni, an extremely talented all-round designer and the co-founder of the above-mentioned Bellavista Collection, recently created a comprehensive interior design of a lovely beach house. All furnishings for which were designed by Attilio Zanni.

Image two rooms which are bright and feel remarkably cozy – maybe, thanks to beige-colored natural wood of floors and furniture, natural fabrics used for dining chairs’ upholstery, and lovely decorative items that enliven the interior.

Don’t be fooled by apparent simplicity of the overall design. This simplicity is premeditated; in other words, the design is intended to look simple but exceedingly elegant.

Many of the items designed by Attilio Zanni (you can see them at Bellavista’s website) share the same characteristic. Furniture and boiserie, lighting fixtures, and decorative objects from Bellavista Collection are modest-looking but stylish indeed. As a result, they easily blend in existing interiors or can be combined with one another to create lots of differently-looking ensembles.

For example, if you want to furnish a vacation house you have to buy CORINNE dining chairs and ALI BABA’ coffee table!

Also, the overall look and feel of premises depends on the color scheme, which the designer picks for the interior. It is an open secret that colors can influence our mood by evoking certain feelings and emotions. So, the overall atmosphere in a room partly depends on the colors of, say, walls, carpets or furniture upholstery.

Mr. Zanni really likes the combination of white, beige, and vibrant navy blue, and managed to create the air of lightness, purity, and tranquility. Actually, from the color psychologists’ point of view, white is the color of purity, innocence, wholeness, and perfection. As for blue, it is the color that has a soothing effect – don’t you agree that gazing at blue sky or sea waves helps calm down, relax and sometimes prompts new ideas? Color psychologists confirm that blue color symbolizes stability, serenity, and inspiration.

In the vacation home, deep blue complements white and beige, giving a touch of colour to the living room: imagine two cozy armchairs are upholstered in blue fabric, which perfectly harmonizes with snow-white color of their armrests and edging. The curtains are white at the top and navy blue at the bottom. Clear white color gradually turns into the vibrant blue, which looks pretty impressive. There also are a few smaller spots of blue – pillows, edging, and a ceramic vase.

Among the decorative items used as the final touch, is a special one, which is kind of Bellavista Collection’s calling card. It’s a nice cast brass statuette of a hippopotamus. A hippo has become the company’s mascot; you can see this cute animal on some Bellavista’s items. For example, IPPO TRAY for candles depicts hippos wallowing in a pond and walking on its bank. This tray, looking pretty like a piece of art, turned heads at the last edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile, and so did many other showpieces designed by Attilio Zanni.

Would you like to stay in such a vacation home? Well, it was rhetoric question. It’s difficult to imagine a person who won’t like it!