It’s That Time Of Year Again, Lawn Maintenance!

You know it’s here when you start to see bunnies and squirrels scurrying around, and hear the birds singing again. Spring has sprung. This also means it’s spring maintenance time. You have not had to do anything all winter, now it’s time to get that yard in shape. The neighbors have already started, better get busy.

Your yard is a mess. Winter has wreaked havoc on it. What happened to that beautiful lawn, you had last Summer? There are bald spots, or it just doe not look healthy. It needs lots of care to get it back to its jubilant self. You don’t want your neighbors’ lawn putting yours to shame, right? But where do you start?

Lawns need special care, as well as your bushes, and ornamental trees to put on a show for all to see. It needs fertilization and weed control. But what type of products do you use on your lawn? Do you have a clue? Don’t worry, most people have no clue, and usually learn by mistakes. Does this sound like something you want to tackle? It takes certain kinds of people to love landscaping. Don’t be embarrassed if you just don’t have a green thumb, most don’t.

Time to hire a lawn care Atlanta service. Who wants to spend all their time off, doing lawn maintenance? Some people love it, but some don’t. It’s no big deal. Why not spend your time off relaxing, or out having fun. Let a professional do what they do every day. They know what to use on your lawn as well.

If you live in Atlanta, you know how hot it can get. Why spend the day in the hot Atlanta sun, doing yard work when you can pay someone to make your life a little easier. Looking for lawn care in atlanta can be stressful.

Find a go-to lawn care company when needing a steady lawn service. They will virtually guarantee you a beautiful lawn. They don’t just weed and feed and leave. They actually take a scientific approach to doctoring your lawn. They collect soil samples, to see what your soil is lacking. This way they can apply the proper fertilizer, that will vitalize your lawn. They also inspect the weeds for proper weed killer as well. Just because they have grown, does not mean that you don’t get personal, professional service. each team has an area manager, ensuring your satisfaction.

Lawn care is not their only specialty. They also take care of all your shrubs and ornamental plants too. Because if they look bad, the lawn does too. Have fire ants? Most southern yards do, unfortunately. Don’t let them get the best of you. Let Allturf get rid of them for you. Nothing worse than a fire ant infestation, as they sneak up on you and bam you attacked by sometimes hundreds. Don’t let your little ones suffer the awful bites and blisters from fire ants.

A lawn care company has many different programs to specifically target your lawn, and yard, including mosquito repellant additives for your yard. So when you are searching for lawn care in Atlanta, set up an appointment with a professional technician, to come to your yard, do an inspection, and offer a program. Get started enjoying your Spring and Summer in your beautiful yard