How to Making a Comfortable Minimalist Home Terrace

An attractive and functional home design is not only about the main building and its interior. There are other elements that deserve attention so that the function and appearance of the house are more perfect, one of which is the terrace of the house. At present, the minimalist home terrace design is very popular because it can enhance the comfort of the house.

Are you currently planning to introduce a minimalist terrace to your residence? If so, then you should listen to the discussion of this guide so you can determine a minimalist terrace design that fits your home:

Shading the Terrace with a Sturdy Roof

A minimalist terrace that you want to function as a place to relax or a living room must be equipped with a strong roof, for example in the form of a canopy. You have to make sure that the roof is really strong and the material doesn’t make the terrace feel hot. An attractively shaped roof not only serves to shade the terrace but can also be a special attraction that reinforces the minimalist impression.

Using Minimalist Style Furniture

The minimalist impression on the terrace of the house will continue to be strong if you use minimalist style furniture. You can choose furniture made of wood, synthetic rattan, or stainless steel to enhance the feel of the terrace. Whatever type of furniture you are going to use, make sure that you choose patio furniture (furniture for outdoor needs) that is resistant to changes in the weather so it is not easily damaged.

Installing Coarse Textured Floor Tiles

The terrace booths with minimalist nuances generally consist of only one color, moreover, they are often dominated by white. The bright color of the room makes you more free to combine it with various floor tile motifs. Apart from choosing motifs and colors for floor tiles that contrast with the colors of the terrace rooms, you also have to pay attention to the texture of the tiles. Floor tiles must be aggressively textured so that they are safer to step on and don’t make it easy for people to slip when the floor is wet from rain.

Introducing the Right Lighting System

Do not underestimate the efficacy of the lighting system to support a minimalist home terrace. Lighting now does not only serve to illuminate, but also serves to strengthen the aesthetic impression. You should use lamps with yellow light to get a warm impression at night. You also have to install lights in the corner of the terrace so that the front of the house is free from the impression of being cramped.

Make Vertical Gardens

Limited land is not an obstacle to realizing a minimalist style terrace design. You can work around this by creating a vertical garden on one side of the patio. There are various vertical garden references that you can learn before making your own at home. The existence of a vertical garden will not create a small impression but will make the terrace more beautiful and safe.

Filling the Terrace with Hanging Sofa

If you are bored with the same patio furniture, you can fill the terrace with hanging sofas. Not only does it provide a different feel, a hanging sofa can also be the right solution for a small minimalist terrace. The color of the hanging sofa that contrasts with the patio room will also be a distinctive feature that makes the outside of your home beautiful.

Make a Fish Pond

You don’t have to have a big house to make a fish pond on the terrace. The shape and dimensions of the fish pond can be adjusted to the remaining land. The terrace of the house will be more perfect with the presence of a fish pond. Don’t be lazy to keep the fish pond clean so that your terrace is always safe, not muddy, and free of mosquitoes.

Make a beautiful Terrace with Various Plants

The atmosphere of a mini house terrace is definitely not complete without the presence of various plants. You don’t need to keep lots of plants if you don’t really like gardening or don’t have the time to care for them. Choose several types of plants that are easy to care for and have an attractive appearance. The existence of plants on the terrace of the house will enhance the impression of security and beauty that will make anyone feel amazed.