How to Clean and Organize Your Garage

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be limited to a certain season. An easy way to stay on top of cleaning is to tackle one room or area at a time. With this approach, the dreaded mountain of to-do tasks should be minimized. If you’re ready to transform your garage into a clean and organized space, read and apply the following suggestions.


It may be obvious that you need to start with actually cleaning the garage first; however, there are certain areas of the garage that should not be overlooked. One of the most important areas to clean is the garage floor. Start by blowing or sweeping out the entire garage. Next, clean up any grease and oil stains by using kitty litter to soak up the liquid. Once you’ve let that set for a while, vacuum up the kitty litter and apply a cleaning agent. You can use a mild detergent for other stains as well. If you have any cracks in your concrete, fill them in with an epoxy paste. Now that your garage floor is clean, it’s important to maintain it by applying a sealant. Epoxy garage floor Chicago is a great sealant that’s thick, durable, and attractive.

Once you’ve cleaned the garage floor, move on to the garage door and walls. Brush off the door, hose it down and wipe it with a mild detergent. Sweep the walls and corners of the garage to get any cobwebs and debris.


Now that you’ve cleaned everything in your garage, it’s time to organize. The garage is famous for being a catch-all for all the items you didn’t know where to store. An easy way to tackle organizing is to make piles for keeping, donating and throwing away. If you have items in good condition you may want to consider selling them. Once you’ve got your piles, choose a storage system that works for you. Bins, baskets, hooks, pegboards, overhead storage and so many more options are available. Take note of what you have and what type of storage would work best for your situation.


Now that you’ve cleaned and organized your garage, the hardest part is maintaining the space. Be vigilant about not dumping random items in your garage. Now that your garage is organized, you should have designated spaces for everything so put things where they need to go right when you’re finished with them.

It’s possible to make your garage clean and organized by following a few simple steps. Clean the area, organize your belongings and maintain your beautiful space by putting things where they need to go immediately.