How to Bring Back the 1920s in Your Home Gazebo

There are simply those eras that never go out of style. Those that, no matter how long ago they were when you incorporate them to today, it’s as if time never passed. They still look as exciting, as elegant, and weirdly enough, as modern as ever. Such an era was the 1920s. The “Roaring Twenties,” as they used to call it, was practically the first period that embraces modernity. This is why many of the design principles from the time still resonate with a lot of people today. They’re nostalgic, yes, but they’re also familiar. And when it comes to echoing classic styles, the 1920s are always a hit! 

If you have a hot tub gazebo in your gazebo, incorporating a 1920s-inspired interior design might prove to do wonders. Not only was that era pleasing to the eye, but most of the elements are also still used to this day. It depends on how you design it, but even when you go 20s-inspired, it might still look modern and contemporary. Here are some design elements you should incorporate. 

Anything Art Deco

Be it a poster, a painting, or maybe even your wallpaper, anything art deco in your hot tub gazebo will instantly harken back to the 1920s. But how will you know if something is an art deco? For one thing, the imagery is always symmetric. No matter the crazy pattern, from whatever angle you look at it, if it stays visually balanced, it’s highly likely an art deco piece. Also, the style usually stays within a palette of white, gold, and black. It has incorporated some other hues from time to time, but in essence, art deco is defined by these three colors. 

Fill It with Black And White

If art deco pieces look too vintage for you, especially for something as simple as a hot tub gazebo, then just use the colors. Black and white will always look good for any interior, and exterior for that matter. Perhaps the best and most common execution of such is going for a checkered floor. Make the floor of your backyard structure look like a chessboard with black and white tiles and it will evoke a strong 1920s feel in no time. You can also go or white furniture with black detailing. Or, if you want your gazebo to look more intimate and private, do it the other way around: black furniture with white detailing. 

A Dash of Gold

Still, the 20s were known for their carefree attitude and modern opulence. It was the era of “The Great Gatsby,” and what better way to bring that feeling back than with a dash of gold? Now, if you already had your hot tub gazebo painted in black and white, adding this golden touch will further bring out the art deco in your interior design. But with whatever color scheme you go for, adding a dash of gold will always evoke a 1920s vibe. It’s that slight touch of ostentatious glamour that does the trick. Be it a gold lamp or simply a golden candle holder, that golden touch will not be denied. 

Chiffon Curtains

Now, as for your curtains. Only one word should come to mind: chiffon! Imagine your white or cream chiffon wispily flowing in the wind when your windows are open. You can’t get further 1920s than that! And the best part is this is practically the easiest to incorporate in this day and age. You can buy chiffon curtains practically in any furniture store you can find. And if not, it’s easy to make curtains out of chiffon. They often add soft and sensual touches to any home that will instantly inspire a sense of nostalgia. And at the end of the day, sometimes that’s what it’s all about. 

Luscious Velvet

For another texture, go for anything velvet. A velvet cushion here, velvet table clothes for your changing tables—anything velvet! They’re guaranteed to add a tinge of sophistication to any hot tub gazebo. But furthermore, that also add dimension to your space. More so when you’re trying to evoke the 1920s. There’s a rustic elegance to velvet that simply feels nostalgic. And similarly to chiffon, they’re relatively easy to find and buy anywhere. But if you still want to a more relaxed feeling in your space, better to minimize the velvet to just small but substantial details. 

Glass is Class

Part of what made the 1920s so beautiful was that it always seemed to shimmer and shine. That era had a certain sparkle that was hard to ignore. This is probably because that period used a lot of glass. From Tiffany lamps to crystallized chandeliers, glass was the go-to material for a lot of their illuminated furniture. Fortunately, glass is still abundant and affordable in this day and age. So if you want to instill that era’s sparkle in your hot tub gazebo, fill it with glass. Think glass candle holders, beautiful figurines, and the like. As they used to say, ‘Glass is class!’ 

Wall Lamps

Speaking of lighting though, wall lamps are the way to go for that authentic 1920s feel. It was the most popular type of lighting at the time. It was one of these signifiers that proved just how modern the 20s were. But the best part? Wall lamps allow for much more space. Imagine going into your hot tub gazebo and always bumping into your standing lamp. Annoying, isn’t it? At least with wall lamps, you’ll have as much walking space as you want. And for a structure bound to house a big jacuzzi, they will be welcome features indeed! 

Ideal Woodworks

And finally, a few ideal handicrafts will finish the 1920s feel off. Beautiful woodworks are 1920s mainstays and are great for any type of home gazebo anyways. A patio set inside the gazebo? Why not! A beautiful bench just outside the structure? Great! You might even find authentic 1920s wooden furniture in antique stores near you! This beats buying the more expensive contemporary pieces. And at least, with such furniture, you add a certain panache to it that’s both nostalgic and heartwarming at the same time. 

Capture the magic of the 1920s in your home gazebo with these great design ideas. You’ll feel as if you went back in time but still enjoy the modern luxuries you have in your backyard structure!