How The “thirteen Keys To The White House” Will Flip In 2016

houseHouse M.D. is one in all my favourite medical dramas, and the only one I’ve actually watched during. Perhaps then the Democratic Social gathering in a number of states like New Hampshire and lots of states that have open major might have given the Whites House to Trump and that state DNC Parties need to have extra shut Primaries than Open Ones Instance: When Sanders received the West Virginia Major it was revealed that some of the Trump supporters have been allowed to vote since it was an open Main it hopes to delay the Democratic Primary.

If that happens there are 4 possible outcomes: (1) 6 keys in opposition to the Democrats, Donald Trump wins the favored vote and sure the electoral vote, (2) Lichtman was way too cautious in counting international coverage victory key eleven in opposition to the Democrats, so there’s really only 5 towards them and they win despite losing key 2, (3) Lichtman was improper in defining key 2 by requiring 2/three of the total delegates, or (4) they keys model mispredicts this election.

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