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My deconstruction of this phenomenon will frame the metropolitan aesthetics that emerge from these processes as ‘third space’ (Bhabha 2004, 55-56). I will critically talk about the processes of “urban meets conventional’ workshops and frame them as a framework of re/production by way of which the youth negotiate local dance traditions and global dance varieties to create an embodied aesthetic within the locales of urbanity. I may also examine how the spaces the place ‘city meets conventional’ dance activities take place act as an extension of the embodied aesthetics and concrete character.

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Those distinctions of distinction additionally created the conditions for particular forms of resistance to emerge. The ethnographic data tells the story of how the political and bodily enactment of the buildings’ deterioration intersected with residents’ casual, institutional and authorized resistance to relocation. It reveals how the up to date production, experiences and contestations over public housing aren’t mounted, but a number of and highly ambiguous.

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Grand Designs operates as a powerful discursive and material website of symbolic values and practices of residence-making. This chapter examines the ideas of residence as introduced in the program, and the ways during which these concepts are mobilised in the work of home-making. This chapter is excited about how house-making pertains to values and notions of homeownership, style, personhood and place.

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“’Lanark’ is Scottish in origin and Airdrie, Scotland is a part of Lanarkshire, Scotland. If you look at the Gaelic time period, Lanark means wide-open spaces, which I suppose really speaks to Airdrie and certainly to life within the prairies,” Boucher said.