Health Risks Of Smoke And Soot Residue After A Fire

The Health Risks Posed From a Fire Don’t End When It Does

Most people aren’t at the best in the wake of a fire. It’s something which can destroy property as well or even better than an earthquake. And yet it’s far more likely to be totally localized on one’s own property. If an earthquake strikes than at least there’s some solidarity to be found. But that’s not the case with a fire. And this tends to make people rather anxious to get back to their normal life.

When we face tragedy as a group there’s usually a period where someone calms down and lends that clarity to others. It’s seldom one person over any other. Instead we all have our good and bad moments when we’re trying to deal with something on that level. This is what makes the aftermath of a fire so rough. We have to rely on that clarity and calm from ourselves because nobody else is going to jump in.

That’s why it’s always best, if possible, to learn a little about fires before it’s needed. For example, just knowing that soot and smoke are as dangerous as a fire can quite literally save lives. First, one should understand that this holds true for everyone. But there are groups which are more susceptible than others. Children, the elderly and anyone with weakened immune systems are at additional risk. And of course anyone with compromised lung function.

Of course all of this brings up an important question. One is quite justified in wondering what makes smoke so dangerous. The answer is that smoke itself is dangerous due to the fact that it consists of tiny bits of carbon. This is horrible for our lungs as we just aren’t prepared to breathe it in instead of air. This is one of the larger areas in which we have to worry about additional risks of cancer. The smoke itself, as much as the tobacco, is a risk factor for smokers. And it holds true for any other type of smoke as well.

But there’s also the issue of what’s burning. This isn’t a clean burning fire in a fireplace. Instead a house fire will consist of all manner of different substances. Everything from plastic to carpet will generate smoke. And this is just as toxic as one might imagine. And what’s most insidious is how this can spread to anything close to that fire. For example, someone might see that food near the fire was left untouched and have a bite. But that food could be saturated in something like burnt plastic. Perhaps even at a level one wouldn’t taste. But which would still be more than enough to cause damage to someone if ingested.

Of course the worst case scenario is if there was asbestos in the house. It’s carcinogenic even when one is just breathing near it. But if asbestos is burned it becomes even more deadly. PVC and plastic are again one of the larger issues as well. And alcohols will not only further a fire, but make the smoke even ore deadly thanks to partial oxidation.

In the end this is why it’s important to let local experts handle it. For example, someone in Oklahoma City should look for restoration 1 Oklahoma City adjacent. The reason to go with restoration 1 Oklahoma City adjacent comes down to planning and speed. One can plan ahead by getting the numbers of local experts.

That advance planning also means that one doesn’t have to hope for a moment of clear thinking during the panic which often follows a fire. Instead one has exercised that clarity through foresight. It means planning ahead to reap benefits in the future. Not just faster remediation from the damage. But all the safety which comes from rapid response as well.