Gravel Is Great for DIY Projects

Gravel is a versatile, beautiful and affordable material that home owners can use to upgrade their yards. This natural material comes in different sizes, colors and compositions, and you can find a type of stone to meet any of your landscaping needs. From driveways, to paths, to drainage solutions, gravel washington county or has a solution for you.

A Firm Foundation

Gravel is the perfect medium to place under patios and walkways to give them a firm foundation. A layer of gravel keeps the stones from heaving during the winter and allows water to move out of the area instead of pooling. Crushed stone is a good choice when you are planning a winding path through the backyard or adding a new layer to the driveway. When it is compacted, gravel provides a firm surface for driving or walking. Smaller pea gravel makes a good surface for walking or sitting. Larger stones are often used as mulch around the base of bushes or trees.

The Colorful Choice

Not only is gravel available in many shapes and sizes, but in different colors, too. When you think of gravel, maybe you imagine it as gray, which is a popular color, but it also comes in shades of brown, tan, rusty red and even green. The different hues can be mixed to add interest to a patio or walkway, or as contrasting mulch around a planted bed.

An Affordable Option

Not only does gravel make for firm footing and a beautiful finish, but it is easy on the wallet, too. Gravel costs significantly less than a paved asphalt driveway, and working with gravel doesn’t require specialized machinery or professional installers. Creating a gravel path, drive or back yard seating area is an easy DIY project for a weekend.

When it is time to beautify your yard this spring, consider using some gravel. It has many uses, looks great and won’t break the bank.