Get Reliable Removal Service from Melbourne to Brisbane


Are you planning to move from Melbourne to Brisbane this year? Maybe you have landed a new job, or you want to enjoy in a different location. 

Moving from one place to the other is a daunting task. It requires a lot of time and money. 

But, if you do it correctly, you’ll relieve yourself from the house moving stress. The best way to do this is by hiring reputable movers like

Use the following tips to hire reputable removers in Melbourne. 

  • Mover’s Insurance Policy 

When moving, anything can happen! The driver may get into an accident leading to injuries and destruction of your property. Plus, some of your items may suffer damages during the relocation exercise. 

Well, for some companies, the possibilities of getting into an accident are close to zero. The movers are also careful to ensure your property do not suffer damages at all. But what will you do if this happens? 

A reliable removalist will purchase an insurance policy for this project. The policy ensures you get compensation for any damage or loss that occurs during the process. 

  • Do your Research 


Hiring a moving company isn’t an easy task. You’re hiring experts to transport your precious and valuable belongings to one point to the other. The last thing you want is an incompetent firm handling your furniture and other belongings. 

As such, do your due diligence. But how? 

You can seek referrals from your close friends and relatives.  Ask them to refer a competent moving firm to you. Ensure they have a positive experience with the firm they refer to you. 

How Many People Will Help with the Exercise? 

Yes, the removalist will handle every aspect of your relocation. But why should you consider the number of people they’ll bring to the site?

It could be due to different reasons. For instance, having more people tends to be better when you’re paying by the hour. It ensures you get value for your money. 

    • Check Your Insurance Policy 


    Yes, the removalist might have a valid insurance policy. But that’s not enough. You’ll also need to check your insurance policy. 

    For instance, is it up to date or does it cover moving? Do your homework and make rectifications where necessary. 

      • Consider the Moving Time 


      Do you want to save money on your moving exercise? How about moving when not so many people are moving? Due to low demand, the removalist will charge lower prices for their services. 

      The best time to save on money while moving is in winter. But if you cannot wait till winter, negotiate with the removalist to charge a fair price for your service. 

      • Inquire About Additional Fees


      After getting a quote from your moving expert, you should enquire for some details. For instance, is the quote a total cost of the task or the company charges more for gas and mileage? 

      Seek clarification on these issues before signing your contract. It’ll shield you from surprises during the payment period. Let the removalist explain to you in detail on any additional cost which you need to pay. 

      • Explain Your Moving Project in Full 

      Before hiring a removalist, let them know your needs and expectations. The information is vital as it allows them to design and communicate a near accurate quotation for their work. 

      Don’t forget to share the parking details on your new or old building. For instance, does it have an adequate parking space? If no, where will they park their vehicles during loading and off-loading?

      • Sign a Contract 


      Yes, you’ve agreed about the project timelines and cost to pay. What next? 

      The solution is, draft a contract for your project with the removalist. The document should be specific on the moving date, location and cost. It should also contain the insurance details and number of people helping in the project. 


      Moving to a new home can be stressful.  It requires your time, money and energy. The best way to make work more comfortable and less stressful is by hiring a furniture removalist. 

      With an expert, you don’t need to worry about lifting heavy objects. You’ll also not call people to help you with heavy lifting. The removalist does it all.