Foundation Leaks: Where and How To Spot Them


A basement means different things to different people. Some people like to call it the “storage room.” Basically, they stick everything in the basement in hopes of one day sorting it out, but they never do.

Some people think of their basements as a “cave.” It is their place they can go to get away from everybody and everything. No matter how a person views their basement, it is still a valuable room in the house.

What happens when some unknown force starts to intrude on your private area, maybe causing a leak or two?

You need to do something before things get worse.



There are a lot of people who like to investigate things, especially things they should not be. They should put those skills to better use. The first thing Danny should do is look for signs of cracking in the walls. The smallest crack can lead to the biggest disappointments.

Danny will find cracks either at the top or the bottom. Some cracks can be found in the middle of the wall. However, that is a rare occurrence. It is also the cause of something other than a leak. One thing Danny can do is turn on the flashlight. That will make it easier for him to find the cracks if he has any.

Cracks in the foundation point to a much bigger problem within the structure. Danny needs to stop the madness before it begins.

Testing: One, Two, Three!

This is not just a test. Danny may have an issue with condensation. Danny is not going to know if that is the case unless he finds out. The easiest thing for Danny to do is for him to use a small square of foil(the good kind) and tape it to the wall.

Danny can remove it after ten minutes or so and find out. The proof will be in how wet the foil is, even the smallest bit of moisture will come out.

Two Answers

Moisture on the front of the foil will tell Danny the problem is caused by condensation. Moisture on the inside of the foil indicates that the problem is indeed condensation.

Danny has only one solution. He needs to get a humidifier and use it to get rid of the problem.

Deposits and Paint

Danny could find some white stains on his walls. The deposit is coming from inside the wall, close to the concrete.

Paint is another issue that can cause foundation leaks. Danny may have had his walls recently done, but the paint may be peeling anyway. The reason is due to dampness. The paint is trying to Danny that there is some moisture inside the walls as it peels off.

Mold and Floor Tiling

Danny sees that he has some mildew coming from his ceiling and his walls. That is due to mold and moisture. Danny has some wet spots inside the walls that he needs to take care of right away.

Danny notices that some of his floors are starting to pop up. The floors have moisture underneath due to some underlining issue. The floors rise in response to that issue.

One Final Point

Pipes are an excellent source of moisture, but not in a good way. Danny is better off calling a professional to help him deal with his problem. The numerous places he is finding water is going to be too much for him to handle by himself.