Errors When Mendor Home

Most people think that decorating a home is an easy thing. Originally determine the color of the wall, buy furniture, and place decorations. Be a room at home. Make no mistake, many residents of the house who make mistakes when decorating the house because without the help of interior designers.

A well-decorated room will unknowingly affect the quality of life of the residents, thus creating a better environment. Therefore, you should not originate in decorating a house. Especially in a minimalist-sized house, wrong decorating will actually make the room feel narrower.

Errors that occur in decorating a house can occur due to several factors, including the level of neatness of each person is not the same, besides that the level of aesthetic understanding of each person is also different. Some people cannot feel the compatibility between scale, proportion, aesthetics, and style. They finally arranged according to their own wishes, so they seemed original and certainly not suitable. Suppose there are some people who like to show off all their ornaments or collections, without considering what kind of arrangement is good.
Everyone can actually decorate their own home. Therefore, if you want to decorate your own home, avoid 15 mistakes decorating the following house so that your house is well organized, life will be more comfortable.

1. Origin of Installing Wall Decoration

Wall hangers and photo frames can indeed decorate the walls in your home, but the placement must be right. Sometimes the owner of the house puts the wall decoration too high so it is not pleasant to see. Therefore before installing the nails for wall decoration, measure the right height first, adjust to the height of the human eye. Also adjust the size of the wall decoration with the wall area. Do not install small ornaments on a large wall, and vice versa.

2. Theme Not Appropriate

Sometimes people fall in love with a number of themes and want to apply them in one space. Usually, such cases make the home uncomfortable. We recommend that you determine the main theme for the room in your home before starting to buy furniture. Of course you can still combine the two themes as long as there is a unity to keep it pleasing to the eye.

3. Let the Foyer Area be empty

Foyers are found in homes that do not have a living room. Sometimes homeowners leave this area empty. The foyer basically functions as the reception area as well as the transition space before moving to the room at home. If there is a foyer in your house, don’t forget to decorate this area with displays or plants in pots.

4. Leaving the Cable Strewn

At present the need for electronic goods is increasing, of course this is not separated from the many cables scattered around your house. Don’t let the cables scatter because it will make your house look messy. You can tidy it up with a cable clip, or hide it behind the furniture.

5. Incorrect Furniture Placement

Furniture placed carelessly can make the room at home uncomfortable. Human circulation in the room becomes blocked. Position the placement of furniture not only so that you are free to move, but also so that the room looks beautiful.

6. Keep using items you don’t like

Most people love to throw away items they have, even though they don’t like it anymore. We recommend that you change these habits. Grant displays or decorations at home that you don’t like anymore, then replace them with new ones. Conscious or not, you will feel more comfortable when you are in the room.

7. Too Matching

If you think “more matching, the better”, you should change those thoughts. A room that uses only one color tone can even look monotonous. Generally, non-designer people like to be afraid to play colors, brown again and again throughout the changing trend. Dare to play with colors, so you can give a different atmosphere. Mix and match different colors on the walls and furniture.

8. Size of Furniture Does Not Fit the Area of ​​Space

When you start shopping for furniture, some homeowners forget or don’t even think about the space available. It’s good before going to buy furniture, measure the size of the room beforehand so that it can be adjusted to the size of the furniture. Never use large, “solid” furniture for small spaces. Do not also use all small furniture if the room is spacious.

9. Less or Excessive Lighting

Lighting in the home interior plays an important role. Sufficient light can make the home feel comfortable and add aesthetics too. Indeed, in homes that are built by developers, usually using mediocre light, plus incandescent lights with a mediocre wattage too. Give enough lighting for a closed room with a few openings. In a room with too many openings, watch it using a curtain.

10. Furniture Sticking with Walls

One of the wrong perceptions in arranging space is to place furniture against the wall. Many think furniture placement like that will make the room feel spacious. In fact, such a placement actually makes the room look less attractive and monotonous. Begin to innovate in placing furniture with other arrangements.