5 Things That Will Renew Your Love for Your Home

No matter how much you love your home, the magic can wear off after a while. Things start to seem routine. The butterflies in the stomach that used to do flips when you walked into a room have long flown away. You need to put a little romance back into your life. It’s time to call home improvement services The Woodlands.

Get a Heart-Stopping Door

Recreate that excitement to open your door again by making it a showstopper. If yours is peeling or faded from exposure to the sun or elements, it’s time for a bright new color. A wreath can make you feel you’ve been presented with flowers every time you arrive home. If the entryway doesn’t do justice to your house, consider replacing the door completely.

Make Your Bedroom a Fantasy

Whether your fantasy bedroom is dark and sultry or light and airy, it’s time to make it a reality. Start with your bed: soft sheets, breathable bedding and a comfortable mattress are key. Pick the perfect color to reflect the mood you want to feel as you luxuriate in bed. Add dimmers and a remote to your lighting so that you can change the ambiance instantly.

Add Mood Lighting to Your Bathroom

The last thing you want when you are looking for a relaxing spa-like experience is harsh, unflattering lighting. Why not amp up the glam factor with a chandelier above the tub? Add some old-world romance with sconces. Illuminate your vanity area with upgraded fixtures or get a new mirror with integrated lights. Last but not least, don’t forget the candles.

Prepare a Romantic Outdoor Space

Watching the sunset with a glass of wine or watching the stars with a favorite person is very romantic. It can detract from the mood if your fence is sagging or your deck is in bad shape. Repair any rotten boards and keep wood stained and treated for long-lasting enjoyment. Add some comfortable seating and a blanket for chilly nights, and you are set.

Get Some Snuggly Furniture

A welcoming room should have furniture that invites you to sit or recline comfortably. Whether you want to put on your warm socks and read a good book or you want to snuggle down with your significant other, your furnishings should accommodate that. Consider arranging chairs for conversation areas or putting couches near a fireplace to invite your guests or family to slow down and enjoy each other.