Parquet Floor VS Vinyl, Which is Better

As in the previous article, the floor is no longer just a foothold in a dwelling or building. Decorative aspects began to be taken into account and be noticed in the modern era and all the present-day. Then there are various types of floor coverings that can accommodate the various desires and tastes of the Rooting buddies. These include parquet and vinyl. Which one is superior in terms of treatment? Here’s the answer:


Floor cover called Parquet, made by arranging pieces of wood to serve as a floor covering. Parquet floor has a surface with wood texture that can give the impression of luxury and also comfortable in the room. In addition to the aesthetics, using the parquet can also have a positive impact on the health of residents. For more information you can Click here Because parquet can reduce the influence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in the room, buddy!


Parquet is divided into two types of parquet, namely parquet made of solid wood and parquet made of laminated wood or synthesis. If you apply the parquet floor with solid wood material, then the dwelling of Rooting pal will have a better appearance or interesting because it uses the material directly from the tree and for the aspect of durability is also better than other types of wood floors. But the aspect of the resilience of the parquet floor is not very prime when compared with the vinyl floor. Parrots are more easily scratched by the shift of furniture or things at home, buddy!


The disadvantage of using solid wood parquet is relatively prone to moisture because solid wood parquet can still expand and shrink, buddy.


For the same treatment with the other floor covering buddy, only if you want to clean it with a cloth or cloth do not damp wet too wet sob! Because cleaning the parquet with a wet rag will damage the parquet floor and make it faster damp and rotten.


Color apps on parquet fade faster than vinyl, mate! Especially if often exposed by the sun. So that parquet more often recommended for use in indoor area only.