How to clean and shine your laminate floor

Are you having problems keeping your laminate floor clean? Has it lost its shine, or does it have sticky or gritty patches you just can’t shift? If so, you are not alone. Caring for laminate is different to other floors, so here are our top tips to reclaim its shine.

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Prevention, not cure

Do what you can to stop your laminate suffering damage; for example, initiate a no-shoes rule or protect high-traffic areas with well-placed rugs. Clean up any spills or other messes as soon as you notice them and be extra careful when watering plants – overwater them and you can leave drips.

No sweeping!

Although it is the most obvious solution for picking up dirt from a laminate flooring, sweeping is not a friend to laminate. It does get up some of the dirt; however, other particles get spread over the whole area, which gives a streaky, gritty finish when you follow up with a wet mop. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner or dry dust mop to capture the particles and remove them from the floor. If you use a vacuum cleaner, check your instruction manual to find the correct setting to use for laminate. If you are looking to replace your vacuum, it isd a good idea to check out online reviews.

Careful with the cleaner

Although you should use a cleaner specifically made for laminate floors, you do not need to spend over the odds – choose the one you prefer or speak to a reputable flooring supplier such as Do not use too much cleaner, as this can leave a residue that dulls the shine of your laminate flooring. Cleaner is not always necessary – you can get a good result with plain water – and do not use too much liquid. Excessive water can soak in and cause the boards to buckle; ideally, your floor should dry by itself in one or two minutes.

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Buff to a shine

Once the floor is clean and dry, take a few minutes to go over it again with a dry microfibre cloth or a clean mop head. This will polish the floor and bring out the natural shine that makes laminate so special.

That’s it – keeping your laminate floors beautifully clean is easy when you know how!