Find Out! What is Fire Protection System to do

In the building especially company buildings, restaurants, hotels and others, it is advisable to install a protection system to protect yourself and material from fire. Because fire is an unpredictable disaster because there are many factors that can ignite a fire.

In many cases, passive protection will burn its own space without spreading to other areas. Another advantage of passive fire protection systems is to protect the occupants of the building to safely evacuate. This is because the fire is stuck in one room for a long time. This protective device also protects the building from destruction or damage caused by fire. So as to reduce the losses caused by fire both material losses and casualties

The Passive Fire Protection System aims to protect the buildings and their occupants. The time required also varies depending on the purpose of the tool used but commercially, the time required is 240 minutes. Prior to being sold to the market, passive fire protection equipment must be tested, as for the three testing criteria being carried out are:

  • Stability – The system must be able to meet the protection element for the requested time
  • Integrity – The system must prevent fires by blocking smoke and hazardous gases spread for the requested time
  • Insulation – the indoor temperature does not exceed the limit specified in the time required

Passive protection devices are not merely an alternative to active protection tools. To maximize fire protection so as not to cause loss of life and destroy many harmful properties there is a need for a combination of installation between passive and active protection tools

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