Ceiling Fan Parts & Accessories

A ceiling fan is an electrically powered mechanical fan that uses its mounted blades to circulate air in the room and makes you feel cooler. The fact is that fans never really cool air, unlike air conditioning, but they consume less energy resources.

A fan seems to be a very simple electrical equipment to help keep you cool. But the technology is advancing so much every day that even the fan industry has advanced a lot with innovations and experiments in this field as well.

The way ceiling fans once they were introduced and now has seen a big change but the basics, purpose and the main parts of a ceiling fan are almost the same so today we are going to talk about some ceiling fan parts and accessories that are essential to a ceiling fan.


Blades are the most common and most essential part of a ceiling fan, in fact, of any kind of a fan. Blades are the first thing you notice about a ceiling fan when you look up towards it. And these can mostly be changed or replaced too as these are detachable. So, in case the blades wear down or break accidently, you can look for a replacement.

These days you have special forms of blades available too such as dust repellant blades or the non-rusting ones, for added convenience.


A capacitor does the most important function of the ceiling fan. A fan is basically used to make the air move rapidly in the room or anywhere where it has been installed. A capacitor is responsible for maintaining the speed of your ceiling fan and also for the movement. So, if a capacitor stops working, your ceiling fan will automatically stop working.

The fan industry has launched various different versions of capacitors. You can opt for the one that suits your needs. Just remember a capacitor is the main part of the ceiling fan. It has to be good and competitive.


Where does the fan get the energy to run? It is from the motor of the ceiling fan, which is its power source. If you want your ceiling fan to have greater efficiency you should look out for a better powered motor. A motor is one part that is expected to last.


The hub is a device that connects the motor to the blades of the fan. Located at the center of the fan, a hub ensures to keep the blades and the rest of the fan together so that they can work as a team.

Mounting Bracket

As the name suggests, a mounting bracket is the part which allows your ceiling fan to be attached to the ceiling. If the fan didn’t have this part, you would never be able to hang it there.

The mounting bracket should be very properly installed at the time of your ceiling fan installation. Else there would be a risk of the fan falling down if the bracket hasn’t been installed properly. It could be very risky and dangerous so you need to ensure it has been done well.

Pull Chain Switches

Pull chain switches are the part that you use the most. You should buy the ones that could work well with the efficiency of your fan and its fan speeds. They might need repairing from time to time due to frequent use. Try and buy quality ones that last longer and are more efficient.

So, no matter what fan you buy, the best ceiling fans should have a well powered motor, a good capacitor, and blades that match your taste and your room’s décor and pull chain switches that are efficient and could last longer.