Instead of using a traditional garden style, edible landscaping is the method of putting edible plants into your landscape. This has two primary benefits. First and foremost, edible landscaping saves space: instead of using up part of your yard to grow these edible plants, you are combining them with your landscape into a single, accessible space.

The second benefit is that it not only makes your landscape aesthetically pleasing, but also allows you to grow your own food. And you don’t have to make your edible landscape 100{3e88c3bdb9e6742c8ba6f5397f349270fc3382f60d85eafc51803ebce5f58b90} edible. If you want, you can base your edible landscape upon any percentage of your edible plants.

Edible Landscaping: How Far Do You Go?

You could make your landscape entirely edible, or maybe you’ll only include one berry bush. Edible landscaping has been around since as early as ancient Persia, and has been used consistently since then, even in medieval gardens and the like. Some parts of the world frown on anything less than edible landscaping. People there don’t see any point in wasting valuable space for growing food with a purely aesthetic plant.

If you want to plan your edible landscape, you have to begin with an understanding of the plants you’re going to use. Knowing the conditions each type of plant needs is vital, since some will need more sun, whereas others will need a lot of shade. You should also ensure that your soil conditions are acceptable. You need to check on all the plant varieties you’re using so … Read More