How to Bring Back the 1920s in Your Home Gazebo

There are simply those eras that never go out of style. Those that, no matter how long ago they were when you incorporate them to today, it’s as if time never passed. They still look as exciting, as elegant, and weirdly enough, as modern as ever. Such an era was the 1920s. The “Roaring Twenties,” as they used to call it, was practically the first period that embraces modernity. This is why many of the design principles from the time still resonate with a lot of people today. They’re nostalgic, yes, but they’re also familiar. And when it comes to echoing classic styles, the 1920s are always a hit! 

If you have a hot tub gazebo in your gazebo, incorporating a 1920s-inspired interior design might prove to do wonders. Not only was that era pleasing to the eye, but most of the elements are also still used to this day. It depends on how you design it, but even when you go 20s-inspired, it might still look modern and contemporary. Here are some design elements you should incorporate. 

Anything Art Deco

Be it a poster, a painting, or maybe even your wallpaper, anything art deco in your hot tub gazebo will instantly harken back to the 1920s. But how will you know if something is an art deco? For one thing, the imagery is always symmetric. No matter the crazy pattern, from whatever angle you look at it, if it stays visually balanced, it’s highly likely an art deco piece. Read More

5 Things That Will Renew Your Love for Your Home

No matter how much you love your home, the magic can wear off after a while. Things start to seem routine. The butterflies in the stomach that used to do flips when you walked into a room have long flown away. You need to put a little romance back into your life. It’s time to call home improvement services The Woodlands.

Get a Heart-Stopping Door

Recreate that excitement to open your door again by making it a showstopper. If yours is peeling or faded from exposure to the sun or elements, it’s time for a bright new color. A wreath can make you feel you’ve been presented with flowers every time you arrive home. If the entryway doesn’t do justice to your house, consider replacing the door completely.

Make Your Bedroom a Fantasy

Whether your fantasy bedroom is dark and sultry or light and airy, it’s time to make it a reality. Start with your bed: soft sheets, breathable bedding and a comfortable mattress are key. Pick the perfect color to reflect the mood you want to feel as you luxuriate in bed. Add dimmers and a remote to your lighting so that you can change the ambiance instantly.

Add Mood Lighting to Your Bathroom

The last thing you want when you are looking for a relaxing spa-like experience is harsh, unflattering lighting. Why not amp up the glam factor with a chandelier above the tub? Add some old-world romance with sconces. Illuminate your vanity area with … Read More

Jacksonville vs Los Angeles: Which Beach Town Is For You?

As winter chills creep closer, it is now the perfect time to start dreaming of your beach weekend escape. You can almost feel the warm breeze in your hair, hear the crash of the waves off the shore and taste the frosty piña colada in your hand (even in January). But which beach city is right for you? Should you travel west to Los Angeles, CA, the movie-making capital of the world or should you journey down south to the orange-scented city of Jacksonville, FL?

The Beaches

Both Florida and California are known for their beautiful beaches and warm temperatures all year round. Jacksonville boasts four distinct beaches within a 22-mile radius including ideals spots for surfers and sun soakers alike. Los Angeles, on the other hand, is well known for miles of picturesque coastline and famous locales like Malibu, Santa Monica Pier, and Venice Beach.

Outside of the sand dunes, both cities also boast gorgeous vegetative plant life that will have you dreaming of the waves; from the palm trees Jacksonville FL to the redwoods of Los Angeles, CA.

The City Life

Not only is Los Angeles the most populous city in California, it is the single most populated city in the entire United States with over 10 million inhabitants. Meanwhile, Jacksonville holds the title for the most populous city both in Florida and the southeastern United States. The ethnically and artistically diverse populations of both cities present infinite possibilities for how to spend your time off the beach.

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