Albertville, AL, 05/26/2017 – When it comes to replacing lampshades, no one beats our quality or craftsmanship. Jack of All Shades, LLC. caters to the homeowners needs. The best part is that with each purchase, we send matching donations to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Homeowners will no longer have to accept resorting to major retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, or Target. Jack of All Shades, LLC, offers RETAIL PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION of lampshades through their online website:

During their shopping cart checkout, customers can donate $1, $3, or $5 to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Jack of All Shades, LLC, will be matching their donations.

Lampshades – You Dream it, We Build it. Buying from is a great way to:  (1) get the lampshade in the exact size, shape, and color that customers want. (2) support American Workers. (3) know that purchases are helping a great American Organization like St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Custom Lamp Shades are a very cost-effective way to update a room or living space that is customized. Customers can replace existing lamp shades and get the size, color, and shape that they are looking for.  No longer are the 10 or 12 sizes showing up on the big box store shelves the only choice that a lampshade customer has.

Currently, buying a lamp shade from a major retailer means that customers must accept whatever size, shape, and color they offer on their shelves. – Normally those will be manufactured in China with questionable quality and low selections!

Homeowners can now purchase Custom Made Lamp Shades in the color, size and shape that are desiring. Knowing the purchase is from an American Company.  JackOfAllShades offers round custom lamp shades, oval custom lamp shades, square custom lamp shades, rectangle custom lampshades, pendant custom lamp shades and many other shapes and sizes.  Lampshade range from 4 inches for Chandelier Lamp Shades up to Oversized Lamp Shades that are 5 and 6 feet in diameter, they are also offered in every size in between.

JackOfAllShades has over 120 colors and materials available in stock to choose from.  They also allow the customer to send in their OWN MATERIAL to make a customized lampshade that matches a room’s exact décor.

Jack of All Shades retail store is conveniently on the internet at

Lampshade Manufacturing to your Specifications and Selling to every American homeowner coast to coast – Everywhere from New York to California, Florida and Texas. Lampshades are shipped out of Albertville, Alabama. The best part is the minute you check out, you can donate to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Jack of All Shades is matching each donation.  (Of course, if you decided not to donate, you can skip this option).

In addition to our custom manufacturing facility, Jack of All Shades also stocks an inventory of HIGH QUALITY Silk (Soft Backed) lampshades as well as the ability to repair existing Silk (Soft Backed) lampshades.

In conclusion Jack of All Shades

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Priceless Removals About London

Relocating a total office or house setup is in fact a difficult task which will just be managed with brilliance if excellent removal practices are implemented. Home removals specialists have the expertise and expertise that you do not. When it was connected to central London by rail in 1847, the village began to develop into a town, and there was significant Victorian-era expansion, both commercially and residentially. The aid is just round the corner if you are living in London or in the nearby regions. So whenever you are to shift, get in touch with us a trustworthy workplace and property removals business Be the moving essential single thing to all the contents of your creating.

In total, the London Borough of Sutton has 89 parks and open spaces inside it boundaries, representing a total region of 1,500 acres. There is never a dull moment in London – there is usually one thing to do, someplace to go or some thing to see. Man with Van is supplying You all sort of removals ( huge, little,heavy and light ). Hammersmith is a district in west London, England, in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham One particular of west London’s important transport hubs and commercial and employment centres, and property to a number of multinational firm offices, it is focused on the two London Underground stations , bus station and road network node at Hammersmith Broadway. Read also furniture removals london.

MTC is a removal firm in London that assist with your house removal we have earned a reputation of Ideal London Removal Organization. The procedure of computer recycling London has become a lot simpler in the bigger population centres. Man and Van south London work effectively in the south of London and they also take the goods in the east and north portion of the London. Residence removals from removal business London , Easyshift who also supply removal and storage, domestic removals, workplace removals and commercial removals across London primarily based in North London.

Our friendly company are completely insured, our workers are fully trained and skilled and our costs are transparent, with no hidden expenses. If you will program days before your moving day then you will be in a position to deal with everything appropriately so, employ man with a van service to have a relaxing moving day with a no harm or no loss assure by Taha Removals London organization of removals. Julio Baptista writes for Wimbledon removals – company that aids you get began with your very best house, office and furnishings removal service.

Taha Removals gives a reputable and effective service, door to door for residence removals. Every person in London use removal service so, if somebody had a bad encounter they will inform you or if an individual had a excellent experience they will tell you as well. Our cheap man and van Kingston include specialists in office shifting, they can do a totally free evaluation of the location and provide you’re … Read More


In many respects, refrigerators are low-maintenance appliances. Sure, they need to be inspected annually and have the occasional part replaced, but for the most part, they can be left alone and trusted to do their job. It’s important to note, however, that all refrigerators need to be cleaned every now and again. Although the frequency with which your fridge should be cleaned depends on many different factors, most refrigerators should receive at least two or three good cleanings per year. Fortunately, making your fridge sparkle is neither difficult nor time-consuming.

Remove All Food Items

To ensure that you’re able to get your fridge as clean as possible, it’s strongly recommended that you remove all food items prior to cleaning. In order to prevent spoilage, keep a large cooler on hand to accommodate any items that need to be stored in cool temperatures. Not having to clean around food items will enable you to thoroughly scrub every inch of the fridge and prevent your cleaning solution from coming into contact with food. Floridians on the hunt for more helpful cleaning and repair pointers should get in touch with a Sub Zero repair service Key Largo.

Create an Anti-Odor Cleaning Solution

To keep your fridge smelling fresh, take care to clean it with an anti-odor solution of water and vinegar. In addition to being cost-effective and easy to make, this convenient cleaning solution keeps your fridge safe from the potent chemicals found in most over-the-counter cleaners. Once your cleaning solution has been formed, pour it into a spray bottle and distribute it evenly throughout your now-empty refrigerator. Next, thoroughly wipe down the fridge with a fresh sponge or clean cloth.

Prioritize Odor Protection Moving Forward

Even after the cleaning process is complete, you should make odor protection a priority. Luckily, this couldn’t be easier. Placing an opened box of baking soda in your refrigerator can effectively soak up a wide assortment of foul odors. For best results, make a point of swapping out the box at least once every three months. If you regularly store foods with strong odors in your fridge, it may be in your best interest to replace the box every month.

If refrigerator cleanliness is ignored entirely, the average fridge can become awash with sticky spots and bad smells. To prevent this from happening, it’s recommended that you give the device a thorough cleaning once every six months. In the interest of keeping your fridge sparkly-clean, remember to utilize the tips discussed above.

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How to clean and shine your laminate floor

Are you having problems keeping your laminate floor clean? Has it lost its shine, or does it have sticky or gritty patches you just can’t shift? If so, you are not alone. Caring for laminate is different to other floors, so here are our top tips to reclaim its shine.

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Prevention, not cure

Do what you can to stop your laminate suffering damage; for example, initiate a no-shoes rule or protect high-traffic areas with well-placed rugs. Clean up any spills or other messes as soon as you notice them and be extra careful when watering plants – overwater them and you can leave drips.

No sweeping!

Although it is the most obvious solution for picking up dirt from a laminate flooring, sweeping is not a friend to laminate. It does get up some of the dirt; however, other particles get spread over the whole area, which gives a streaky, gritty finish when you follow up with a wet mop. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner or dry dust mop to capture the particles and remove them from the floor. If you use a vacuum cleaner, check your instruction manual to find the correct setting to use for laminate. If you are looking to replace your vacuum, it isd a good idea to check out online reviews.

Careful with the cleaner

Although you should use a cleaner specifically made for laminate floors, you do not need to spend over the odds – choose the one you prefer or speak to a reputable flooring supplier such as Do not use too much cleaner, as this can leave a residue that dulls the shine of your laminate flooring. Cleaner is not always necessary – you can get a good result with plain water – and do not use too much liquid. Excessive water can soak in and cause the boards to buckle; ideally, your floor should dry by itself in one or two minutes.

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Buff to a shine

Once the floor is clean and dry, take a few minutes to go over it again with a dry microfibre cloth or a clean mop head. This will polish the floor and bring out the natural shine that makes laminate so special.

That’s it – keeping your laminate floors beautifully clean is easy when you know how!… Read More

Man And Van London ⋆ SoFast Removals UK

Young specialists who make use of the man and van solutions are mass customers of digital technologies to an inordinate degree. For any house moves, office moves, deliveries or collections in London, 1 can contact Man Van London who will carry on in a skilled manner. Man and Van London UK offers student discounts and charge by the hour to make your relocation as price efficient as feasible. When moving in London I hired Taha Removals leading top quality Only Hourly Charge Removals Man and Van for Higher London. The feeling of any doubts about hiring a Man Van Removals  Firm can be unnerving.

Irrespective of the specifications of our Clients, whether or not little moves requiring only Hire a man and a van, or to a complete residence or company removals, the moving business tenders low-price priced options. The hallmarks of our service at man and van Removal London include reliability, affordability and punctuality. Even though browsing for an affordable Removal Firm a single of my pals recommended man and van Removals they can be hired £35 per hour I located man and van London most dependable and affordable service ever. So choosing a firm that is registered and provide full insurance recovery can certainly prove to be the greatest selection. Our residence and workplace removal experts will help you throughout the moving approach, making sure there is totally nothing for you to worry about. Urban mini-moves are a reality of the London house boom of the final 3 years.

Nevertheless, we can usually supply our removal services at short notice – in this instance please get in touch with us to verify our availability. Needed added van load to be stored unexpectedly and this was arranged without having too much hassle on a saturday. I had an remarkable expertise with Taha Removals Man with a van Surrey simply because they did all tasks smoothly that I did not have to be concerned at all. The price charged for removals solutions can differ wildly as effectively as the actual normal of service getting supplied. By some measures, it is the whole area north of the River Thames, which primarily divides Greater London into two halves, running east-west via the city.

Right after hiring our man and van London you do not have to worry about turning up of men. Here is my ideal estimation of how the sector will mature in the subsequent three-5 years:If roughly eight,630,000 men and women reside in London in around three,300,000 households (properties) & 1 in 4.5 households move in a provided 12 month period – then there are 733,333 household moves in a provided year in London. With a bigger-than-ever buyer bank, Kingman and Van is continually developing and aims to provide solutions to every street of England 1 day. That’s what our man is here for, we can give as a lot of staff as necessary to get the job completed to your satisfaction. Our man with a van teams confronted every … Read More