How to clean and shine your laminate floor

Are you having problems keeping your laminate floor clean? Has it lost its shine, or does it have sticky or gritty patches you just can’t shift? If so, you are not alone. Caring for laminate is different to other floors, so here are our top tips to reclaim its shine.

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Prevention, not cure

Do what you can to stop your laminate suffering damage; for example, initiate a no-shoes rule or protect high-traffic areas with well-placed rugs. Clean up any spills or other messes as soon as you notice them and be extra careful when watering plants – overwater them and you can leave drips.

No sweeping!

Although it is the most obvious solution for picking up dirt from a laminate flooring, sweeping is not a friend to laminate. It does get up some of the dirt; however, other particles get spread over the whole area, which gives a streaky, gritty finish when you follow up with a wet mop. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner or dry dust mop to capture the particles and remove them from the floor. If you use a vacuum cleaner, check your instruction manual to find the correct setting to use for laminate. If you are looking to replace your vacuum, it isd a good idea to check out online reviews.

Careful with the cleaner

Although you should use a cleaner specifically made for laminate floors, you do not need to spend over the odds – choose the one you prefer or speak to a reputable flooring supplier such as Do not use too much cleaner, as this can leave a residue that dulls the shine of your laminate flooring. Cleaner is not always necessary – you can get a good result with plain water – and do not use too much liquid. Excessive water can soak in and cause the boards to buckle; ideally, your floor should dry by itself in one or two minutes.

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Buff to a shine

Once the floor is clean and dry, take a few minutes to go over it again with a dry microfibre cloth or a clean mop head. This will polish the floor and bring out the natural shine that makes laminate so special.

That’s it – keeping your laminate floors beautifully clean is easy when you know how!… Read More

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Why You Should Consider Wooden Furniture

You probably want a comfortable and stylishly furnished home that also reflects your personality. Unfortunately, choosing the most suitable option might be a challenging task because several different types of materials are available. While wood is undoubtedly an excellent choice, some of us can make a good case for a few of the other materials. To help you understand why natural wood is perfect for your furniture, here is a detailed look at the benefits offered.

Wood is available in two types, and these are:
Hardwood: Examples include oak, teak, cherry, mahogany and rosewood. These slow-growing trees are usually darker in appearance and extremely hardwearing. Aside from keeping its rich appearance indefinitely, hardwood is extremely durable and will last for many years.
Softwood: Compared to hardwoods, softwoods are of a lighter hue, which darkens and becomes richer when exposed to light. Softwoods are also more prone to markings and scratches. Aside from giving a rustic feel to your home’s décor, this characteristic often adds character to furniture. Cedar and pine are examples of softwoods.

Wooden pieces of furniture are always unique. Regardless of whether you buy a matching set or not, each piece will have its own charm. The reason is that there will always be some difference in the grain even if all are cut in the same direction. You can also use the appearance of wood grain for a variety of effects. For instance, the beautiful grain of Oak will look fabulous as a table top.

You can always find the most suitable wooden furniture for your home regardless of whether you want to complement a modern, classic, eclectic, or rustic theme. Additionally, you can combine wood with almost every other material, which makes the construction of a stylish yet practical piece of furniture that much easier. Lack of adequate space is a major issue for many homeowners today. As demonstrated by Danetti, the versatility of wood allows the inclusion of features such as extension mechanisms. You can, therefore, enhance the functionality of a wooden dining table without compromising style and quality.

Easy maintenance
Maintaining wooden furniture is simple. Using a soft cloth to dust on a regular basis might be all you need to do. While stained wood doesn’t scratch easy, a polished finish will benefit from natural wax. Because wood is quite absorbent, you should not use a lot of water. A soft, damp cloth will suffice for sticky spills and stubborn stains.

Of all the materials available, both natural and synthetic, none compares to wood in terms of design. Wood lends itself to almost every taste and style. It can be bent, carved, engraved, stained, polished, etched, and finished in every style desired. With wood, you don’t have to go with an existing design for your furniture. Your options are endless.

Great for the outdoors
While summer means spending more time outdoors, nothing comes close to spending most of this time in your garden. As a result, the popularity … Read More

How tensile structures perform in different conditions

Tensile fabric structures are a quality choice, blending art with science to create something that is both attractive and functional. Popular in a variety of environments, including schools, shopping centres, sports stadiums and music venues, they fulfil a variety of needs. However, potential clients will want reassurance that the structure can withstand a variety of weather conditions, fire and potential vandalism.

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Many tensile structures do not require planning permission but it is wise to check with the relevant authorities –


Very high UV levels reduce the product’s lifespan but UV stabilisers incorporated into the component PVC fabric protect both the cloth itself and any pigmentation. This is aimed at extending the tensile structure’s useable life to around ten years in areas where UV levels are high and twenty years where they are lower.


Correct engineering of a canopy can negate the effect of situating the structure on a windy site. This means accommodating the maximum deflections of the structure’s membrane, and remembering that these may be greater at its extremities. Annual maintenance and possible retension is particularly important for structures exposed to high wind speeds. A specialist, such as can provide more tailored advice.

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Snow results in melt water, which can form pools on the surface of a structure. Consequently, structures sited in areas at risk of heavy snow falls should have steeper profiles and smaller spans.


Assessing how any building or structure will perform in a fire is essential. Any membrane loses tension when subjected to high temperatures but the exact point that this happens depends on its components and precise construction. Fire retardants in PVC mean that the membrane will self-extinguish when the source of flames is removed. Moreover, canopy designs tend to trap smoke well above ground level, providing valuable time for people to escape. Any toxic fumes generated by smoke can be minimised by a built-in sprinkler system or mechanical ventilation.


Items thrown at fabric structures tend to bounce off, particularly if the object in question is blunt. This gives fabric an immediate advantage over a glass alternative because of the latter’s tendency to shatter on impact. Fabric has greater susceptibility to sharp objects but repair is possible thanks to glue-on patches or hot air welders.… Read More

Celebrating New Year Traditions Calgary

WinSport is excited to announce the opening of the Acura Tube Park for the 2016-2017 winter season!  Throughout its a lot more than 30-year history, DJD has become properly-identified throughout Calgary New Homes Canada and beyond, as a single of the only specialist dance organizations with jazz music and dance as its raison d’etre. Huge Hearts is all about witnessing the energy of folks coming together through music to raise funds for an organization providing considerable hope and opportunity to youth in need. Artists are in attendance from 9am till 4pm every single day and appear forward to sharing their perform with you.

Tickets for this event will be available March 11, 2017 (10:00 a.m. MT) via Ticketmaster starting at $29 (plus costs). The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo’s Children Costume Showcase is a live event held on Saturday, April 29, 2016 prior to the main Costume Contest. If you are a rodeo or a cowboy enthusiast, this will be tops on your to-do list of the events in Calgary. Join REAP Organization Association for an inspiring evening of learning and networking with Calgary’s leading social entrepreneurs. Rodgers + Hammerstein’s CINDERELLA is the Tony Award® – winning Broadway musical from the creators of The Sound of Music and South Pacific that is delighting audiences with its contemporary take on the classic tale. This is also known as the renowned Calgary Comedy Festival, the most looked-for occasion that is held in the course of the finish of the month of April till the middle of May.

Where: Community All-natural Foods, Chinook Station Market place, 202 – 61st Avenue SW WHEN: Saturday, April 29th, 2017 TIME: 11am till 3pm (or sell out) Event Web page: We hope you are going to come hungry, as there will be a huge assortment of tantalizing treats to select from, including homemade cookies, brownies, cupcakes, pizza buns, dessert bars, sausage rolls and far more! Disclaimer: Although we endeavour to supply the ideal, most up-to-date data on entertaining events and activities in and about Calgary, we can’t guarantee the information on occasions, dates, admission, and so on. Ticket link at Sponsors: Alberta Foundation of the Arts, Calgary Foundation and Sing Canada Harmony.

The Lady Ball is a memorable event that combines fashion, comedy and music – making an exciting evening for you and the ladies in your life! In 2017 we will celebrate Canada’s 150 birthday with added entertainment & reside music supplying sounds and experiences of East Village. With the existing uncertain times it is ever much more crucial that the neighborhood come with each other to help those who are truly in want as these numbers are growing every day. The Calgary Bach Society will also be collecting donations to the Calgary Meals Bank during the concert. On April 29 and 30, 2017, the Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary is holding its 1st ever book and art sale.

The City of Calgary proudly presents Canada Day, Recreation New Year’s Eve Loved ones Dance Celebration, and … Read More